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Strategy Games For Mobile - 04 Apr 2019 06:21


Strategy games have become one of the most popular styles of the world, I am surprised that the top ten strategy games are perfect for mobile phones. Clash of Clans mod APK According to the mobile game search engine, these are the most popular strategy games available on mobile devices:

1. Clash of Clans - is currently the most popular strategy game. Clash of the Clash 2012 is an online multiplayer game launched by SuperSafe. The player builds the community and strikes and uses it to win gold and alixier on other players.

2. Empire: Four states - The number of ten best strategy strategies released by Guggigaon studio in 2012. In the empire: Four kingdoms govern the empire, create a fort through weapons to join a strong alliance and attack their cruel enemies, and secure the citizens.

3. Plague Inc. - Published by Nadik Surgeon in 2012, this game adds great strategy and real simulation and is definitely one of the top ten strategy game schedules. Plague Inc. In you, you should eliminate plague and humanity all over the world. You are against humanity and only you can be strong.

4. Guns 4 Higher - In the release of Revolution in 2013, in Guns 4, you command the world's toughest team and fight against corrupt dictators and criminals. If you like weapons, you will definitely enjoy the celebration of this ball!

5. Galaxy Legend - Tap 4 Fuun introduced the strategy game in 2013, thereby creating a beautiful background to create your space base and starfletts. You have to complete hundreds of missions and your army will have to lead for galactic conquest.

6. Boom Beach - Posted by SuperSafe in 2013. This game is in the tropical archipelago and the players can build their base, improve their defense and unlock military updates.

7. Triple Town - A strategy game developed by Spree Fox and introduced for mobile devices in 2012. Combination of strategy and puzzle is a challenging and interesting gameplay that has been recommended to find you the recommended strategy game.

8. Protect your village from samurai vs zombie village - protect the zombies! In Samurai vs. 2013, zombie defense was released by Glue. It's about strategy - to build friendship and save your people from zombie conflict.

9th Iron Desert - In the Iron Desert, you have fought against the cruel enemies in the commander and the Black Desert. Game Mycom BV Was released in 2014 and is actually an addictive war game.

10. Spartan war - Last but not least 10 strategy games for mobile phones. 2014 is a Tap 4 fun game, which is in the ancient city of Sparta. Clash of Clans mod APK https://bestfunnyclannames.comIn temperate wars, you will conquer the world on your army and make a powerful empire. This game combines both strategy and role simulation and has attractive graphics. - Comments: 0

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